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Frequently Asked Questions

Q : What surfaces can I paint with paint sprayer elite?

Paint sprayer elite bring you an amazing technology to paint your home with a lot of ease. The device does not limit you to paint cemented walls only. It can be used for painting different surfaces including wood, stucco, hardwood, paneling, brick, concrete etc.

Q : What are the advantages of using paint sprayer elite over convention method of painting with brushes and rollers?

It is fast and economical to use.

It saves time, energy and money.

It can be used for painting different surfaces.

It provide smooth and uniform coverage of paint on the surface.

It can also be worked with different materials other than wall paint such as Varnish, Acrylic paint, Timber care, Vinyl Matt etc.

Q : How to use it?

It is very easier to use paint sprayer elite. All you need to is just pull the trigger and it will spray the required amount of paint on the surface. The device will additionally provide greater operator control over the process and facilitates wide range of coating materials.

Q : Is their any special technique of using paint sprayer elite to avoid mess?

No there is no special technique to use the product. Though the device itself does not make mess like paint brushes and rollers. It in fact saves your paint from spilling here and there.

Q : Is it limited to apply/spray paint only?

No, you can use it for coating other things/materials too. Some of them include Varnish, Acrylic paint, Timber care, Vinyl Matt,Wood primer and undercoat, Radiator paint, Bug clear pesticide etc.

Q : How can I buy it?

If you want to but paint sprayer elite than you can just dial the phone numbers provided on our website and place the order. You can also fill in the order form on the website and get product at your home only.

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